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OWN Your Style and Your Body


Learn how to cultivate self-love, find and express your authentic style, build confidence, and adopt a positive mindset toward your body.

Wednesday, May 11th at 11:00AM-12:30 PM EST

Anastacia Haye

Christian Image Stylist + Certified Woman Empowerment Coach

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You Are Wonderfully Made!

During Your Free Training You'll Discover..

Secret #1

Strategies to overcome negative body image and embrace self-love.

Secret #2

Tips for finding your personal style and expressing your authentic self.

Secret #3

Techniques for building confidence and developing a positive mindset.


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How to identify clothing styles that complement your body shape.

How to create versatile outfits using your existing wardrobe, and shop for clothes with confidence.

You'll also receive expert tips on skincare, makeup, and hair care to enhance your natural beauty and support your self-care routine.

"Don't waste another day feeling insecure or uninspired by your wardrobe! Uncover the precise strategies that have helped countless clients unlock their inner beauty and feel amazing in any outfit...

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"Anastacia is excellent at her profession, and she gave me a great experience. She helped me to identify the best style that works for my body type, and personality."

Rose G.- Author

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Anastacia is the go to stylist for all of your fashion needs. I don't have a fashion sense but Anastacia was able to work with me and asks questions to get a understanding of my style. This was my first experience with a stylist and the process was very easy. 

Chantel M.-Corporate Director

"You will be pleased with the entire experience. Anastacia helped me find the perfect dress for my daughter’s wedding and I love how it looked on me, I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Anastacia for your professional assistance and expertise!"

Fran B-Arbonne Independent Consultant


Anastasia Haye, author of newly released book "Styles Perfect For Your Body Type" and visionary in the world of fashion, is the founder of Anastacia's Styling and Work-In-Style Boutique. Her expertise as a certified woman empowerment coach and qualified Christian image stylist enables her to transform the lives of many women by instilling confidence through professional guidance on how to look and feel their best effortlessly. Anastasia cherishes her role in helping women build a stronger self-image and presence so that they can confidently navigate every aspect of their lives.


Having built genuine relationships with women from all walks of life, she's dedicated to helping women embrace their authentic selves both internally and externally.


With a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Merchandising from the Art Institute and years of experience in the fashion industry, Anastasia has contributed her remarkable styling skills to several noted events, including the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Before venturing out as an entrepreneur with her styling company, Anastasia worked as a fashion stylist for renowned branded retail and styling subscription companies like Ann Taylor-Loft, Michael Kors, and Stitch Fix.

While she very much enjoys the unique opportunities offered by previous roles, her deepest passion lies in connecting with women, assisting them in boosting their confidence and empowering them to take their personal fashion to new heights.

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OWN Your Style and Your Body


Wednesday, May 11th at 11:00AM-12:30 PM EST

Learn how to cultivate self-love, find and express your authentic style, build confidence, and adopt a positive mindset towards your body.

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