Why Women In Business Should Show Up In The Media Dressed Professionally

Updated: May 11, 2021

There is so much competition in the media especially since most brick and mortar businesses are transitioning online. You can only imagine how it can be a struggle for small business owners to stand out, particularly women-owned small businesses. One of the tops most used social media platforms that a majority of online businesses are utilizing to get their name out there is Instagram. Other platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook are commonly used as well. Whether you're a Youtuber, blogger, a personal fitness coach, business coach, or makeup artist, your visual presentation can make or break your business.

When you're new to the media spotlight, people are seeing you and your business for the first time. To have a successful online business and gain genuine traffic to what you offer you have to show up as the expert in your field and look like an expert. It's not enough to have a logo, a cool catchphrase or slogan, or a brief bio about who you are and what you do. While that is good and all there are still a few other "success attracting" ingredients you want to be sure to include, such as your posture, mannerism, attitude, professionalism, how you speak, and your overall appearance and presentation. Not many women look too deep into this when first starting their new business. Most would say, "When big things start happening for me or new opportunities come my way then I'll do the whole make-over thing."

But I would say to them "Instead of waiting for the opportunities to present themselves to you, start to present yourself to the opportunities." Then the big things that you want to happen in your life will happen." I know that Covid-19 has put a restriction on what we wear. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't at least prepare yourself. Saint Laurent quoted "Dress like you're already famous" I admire his quote. And that's the kind of mindset that all small women business owners should have. Some day very soon you're going to be famous. So start dressing like it when you show up on these popular social media platforms.

Trust me if you want eyes looking your direction in the media, something about you or your business should spark some attention. As a woman business owner, you will need to showcase yourself as often as possible. Whether you're posting professional images of yourself on Instagram or doing video tutorials, they are all lead magnets used to share your expertise and expand brand awareness. Your makeup, hairstyle, choice of apparel is going to play a role in all of this. So this is your time to stand out of the crowd, and show up as the woman role model that inspires you.

Your image is essential. That's the first thing people notice before you open your mouth. There are still online opportunities awaiting you, and some of those opportunities are probably going to require you to put on your best power suit. Women are the future. So it's time to show up like you mean business. Are you ready to boost your confidence and create an ultra-posh wardrobe that's suitable for your lifestyle or niche? Then this is your time to get in touch. Feel free to book your complimentary connection call or take your style quiz today.

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