Is COVID-19 Changing The Way Women Working Remotely Dress?

COVID has made a huge shift for the fashion industry, retail businesses, and most importantly how women dress. As women from all over the world are working from home, many are either working in their pajamas or find it challenging to dress up and keep the momentum from the refines of their home. So can working American women maintain a professional and stylish appeal when showing up for zoom meetings with clients or online presentations while still remaining comfortable? Well of course they sure can.

Sweat pants and hoodies are the go-to now of these day. But it's not the only comfort-accomplishing option. A midi dress with a cardigan layered on top can easily reduce the amount of time you spend trying to put an whole outfit together, if you're rushing for an online meeting and want to look presentable.

Most women are shopping for athleisure wear or denim shorts. If you want feel refreshed and feel like you're actually working. Easily switch out the sweatpants for joggers. Style it with a basic tee and layer a casual blazer on top. Adding a few simple accessories will spark up the look and have you looking posh instantly for your virtual client meet up.

Your hair and make up is everything. Now you don't have overdo your make up and your hair doesn't have to be in a super fancy hairstyle. But it definitely shouldn't look like you just rolled out of bed.

Mascara, and lipstick or a tinted eye will make a difference.

Wearing your best clothes and putting in a little effort into how you dress can really enlighten your mood. It enhances both your mindset and work performance.

During these uncertain times you have to find ways to boost your momentum while working from home.

Utilize your wardrobe and come up with new ways to style your pieces in a way that makes you feel and look like the best version of yourself. COVID just may be here for a little while longer. But nevertheless you want to continue to keep the drive while you are at home working. So ditch the pajamas and throw on your comfy power suit and be ready for business.

Anastacia Haye is passionate personal stylist who takes pride in helping her clients dress for success with minimal effort. Do you want to spend less time trying to create stylish work from home outfits? Do you want to have outfits prepped and ready to wear for business or any other specific occasion? If you said yes, book your complementary connection call today.

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