How To Master Layering Stylishly For The Winter Season Like A Pro

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Getting the right layers on together is a bit challenging at first. You start with a light-weight sweater and leggings,now you try to find the right chunky long cardigan, and the puffer jacket or bulky trench coat that can coordinate with it all. But don't overwhelm yourself with the extra time and effort required to create your fashion-forward layering masterpiece. Implementing a variety of textures, weights, and colors gives you the opportunity to add personality to your usual closet staples. Instead of circling back to your go-to pieces venture out and create layered winter outfits that go beyond the simple turtleneck top and blazer like a pro.

Try the preppy shoulder knot: In this case you can easily: Tie a colorful jumper around your shoulders for a fun, preppy look. You’ll spot this kind of style at a golf club.

Stick to one color: Stick to one color scheme head to toe, this will help to make all your multiple layers look more streamlined or more elegant.

Add a leather belt: So if you want to add more definition to your bulky coats and bring together separates effortlessly, then the leather belt is a useful item that will get the job done!

Clash Similar Prints: Get out the box and mix and match prints. A perfect example would be to layer up different checks and hounds-tooth or polka dots and stripes. Whether that’s in your coat and trousers or blazer.

Pile On The Accessories: Don’t only layer up on outerwear but go the extra mile to pile on many chain necklaces. It makes the outfit look more captivating and chic.

Layer Up Knitwear: So you are going to be piling on as much knitwear as you can physically fit on your body. For example wear a knit skirt, teamed up with a knit sweater. Then pile on a knit cardigan and tie a chunky knit sweater or jumper over your shoulder.

Tuck Jeans Into Knee High-Boots: Another way to add an extra layer of warmth while still remaining stylish is to tuck your trousers or jeans into your eye-catching knee-high boots.

A Black Roll Neck Will Work Perfectly Under Almost Anything: A fine black roll-neck is a layering staple that you can wear under everything from dresses to shirts to cardigans or underneath a cozy sweater.

Wear A Jacket Under Your Coat: layering a blazer under a trench coat will give you a flattering yet office friendly appeal.

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