How To Master Layering Stylishly For The Winter Season Like A Pro

Updated: Sep 30

Try the preppy shoulder knot: In this case you can easily tie a colorful jumper around your shoulders for a fun, preppy look. You’ll spot this kind of style at a golf club.

Stick to one color: Stick to one color scheme head to toe, this will help to make all your multiple layers look more streamlined or more elegant.

Add a leather belt: So if you want to add more definition to your bulky coats and bring together separates effortlessly, then the leather belt is a useful item that will get the job done!

Clash Similar Prints: Get out the box and mix and match prints. A perfect example would be to layer up different checks and hounds-tooth or polka dots and stripes. Whether that’s in your coat and trousers or blazer.

Pile On The Accessories: Don’t only layer up on outerwear but go the extra mile to pile on many chain necklaces. It makes the outfit look more captivating and chic.

Layer Up Knitwear: So you are going to be piling on as much knitwear as you can physically fit on your body. For example wear a knit skirt, teamed up with a knit sweater. Then pile on a knit cardigan and tie a chunky knit sweater or jumper over your shoulder.

Tuck Jeans Into Knee High-Boots: Another way to add an extra layer of warmth while still remaining stylish is to tuck your trousers or jeans into your eye-catching knee-high boots.

A Black Roll Neck Will Work Perfectly Under Almost Anything: A fine black roll-neck is a layering staple that you can wear under everything from dresses to shirts to cardigans or underneath a cozy sweater.

Wear A Jacket Under Your Coat: layering a blazer under a trench coat will give you a flattering yet office friendly appeal.

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