3 Best Slip Dresses To Wear To The Office For The Cool Weather

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

The slip dress in it's traditional form is a silk or satin sheath that is thin enough to be worn under another layering piece. But throughout the years the fashion essence of slip dresses have transformed to a new level of style. From lace detailing, silk, sequence, velvet, etc. There is no need to be limited to it's original standard look, because now there is a variety of options to choose from.

The "90's" slip has become a season to season transitional wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or dressed down. Making it an easy go-to for lazy days. It's a daring piece that can be worn to work if styled accordingly. Here are 3 top office-friendly slip dresses worth investing in for the cooler weather.

1. Forest Green Velvet Slip Dress

The velvet slip dress is a fall go-to trend and should be in your wardrobe now and not later.

Team up a sassy velvet slip dress with an eye gazing leopard print blazer. Take the look up a notch with embellished drop earrings and stiletto knee boots. (Example below)


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2. Satin Midi V- Neck Dress

Style a satin midi V-neck slip dress with a ribbed patch pocket cardigan. Perk up the look with gold hoop earrings. Finalize the look with leopard print booties and a brown leather tote bag.


3. Printed Slip Dress

Now for my favorite I love the details, style and cut of this slip dress that I'm wearing. It accentuates my natural shape. The fabric is silky soft and most of all the print. I consider leopard print to be a fun neutral and it effortlessly adds personality to a simple look.

Layer a beige wide ribbed sweater under the slip dress. Add a brown embossed leather belt and complete the look with chocolate brown knee-high boots and a white satchel handbag!

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