5 Ways To Stop Breaking The Bank On Clothes You Don't Need

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Dressing your best each day will cost you, but it shouldn't cost you your whole paycheck. How often do you find yourself buying clothes only because they were on sale, or you made an impulse purchase, or you were on a late night shopping spree because you had a bad day? Sadly, in the long run, some of the very same clothes that you had spent your money on goes to complete waste. Now they're in your closet collecting dust. Discover how to save a few extra bucks in your designer wallet in just 5 ways.

1. Purchase Timeless Pieces

When fashion trends come and go timeless pieces are here to stay forever. With that said you'll know for a fact that you're getting your money's worth and that's a very important factor to keep in mind. Wardrobe essentials such as the white button-down shirt, a pair of black trousers, a basic white tee, dark blue wash bootcut jeans etc. are worth the investment and in the long run will give you more bang for your buck.

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2. Spend Less on Trends

No need to spend thousands of dollars on trends that are only going to be around for a few seasons. If there is a few new fashion trends that you've seen in 2019's Vogue's magazine that you're thinking about trying. Instead of breaking the bank for that one trending designer purse or shoes, head over to Macy's or the Nordstrom rack and get a better deal.

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3. Utilize Your Current Wardrobe

Your closet is jammed pack with apparel that may still have the price tags on them, so why not utilize the clothes you already own. Create a small budget and purchase a variety of statment accessories or shoes to add more personality to the outfits you create from your currently owned pieces.

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4. Rent Your Clothes

Do you have major "must-look-your-absolute best" events that you attend to occasionally or get invited to, whether it's a "dress to impress" fashion blogger conference or a business dinner or a company party? Do you find yourself purchasing super expensive designer clothes to wear to some of these extravagant events, but then end up wearing it once? What a big waste.

Now it's just there in your closet taking up unnecessary space. If you're purchasing "over the top" pieces that you'll never see yourself wearing again after that major affair, then you might as well rent the catwalk and call it a day. Rent your designer ensemble for that special day and return it and get your money back and you won't have any regrets.

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5. Purchase The Missing Pieces

Instead of shopping for clothes for the sake of shopping for clothes, purchase missing pieces that will complete your wardrobe. In doing so you will be able to build an outstanding wardrobe capsule that can be transitioned from day to night, or for all other occasions. Take a few hours out of your busy schedule or on your day off and examine your wardrobe to see what's missing.

For example, if you have plenty of tops and bottoms, but your outerwear, such as blazers, coats, or trench is very few in numbers, then consider purchasing a few outerwear pieces. If you have a numerous amount of sandals and flats, but you have 1 or 2 high heels that are kind of outdated or unappealing, then enhance your shoe collection and buy some stylish pointed toe pumps. Create a wardrobe checklist when you're going shopping and focus on buying what's beneficial to your closet.

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