Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Fashion-Forward Woman Needs in 2019

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Are there times when you feel like you have no clothes to wear? Are you obsessed with keeping up with all of the latest fashion trends, but shopping for every trend is really becoming a huge expense? Or maybe you don't always follow up with every single trend and worry that you may not look modern and up to date with the pieces you currently own in your wardrobe.

Firstly I want to say please, please, please don't feel guilty if you decide not to keep up with every single trend that pops up on the runway or appears in the Vogue magazine. Secondly you have every right to decide which trend you will follow and which one you will not. Thirdly trends come and go and sometimes they return back to us with a more up to date appeal.

Having a wardrobe jammed pack with timeless pieces that will never go out of style can most guarantee that you are always going to look stylish and modern season in and season out. 2019 is the year to refresh your wardrobe and give your staples a fashion boost. Check out these top 10 wardrobe essentials that every fashion forward woman should shop for this year. Get inspired!

#1 Maxi Wrap Dress

Woman walking on the beach in a floral wrap dress

Photo by Tamara Bellis from Unsplash

The maxi wrap dress can be worn all year round. Pairs nicely with a demin jacket layered on top complemented with sandals.

Photo of a collage with woman wearing a printed long maxi dress

#2 Simple Black Trouser

Woman with yellow cardigan and black pants

Photo by Godisable from Pexels

A must-have timeless essential that you should have in your closet is a pair of stylish black trousers. The simplicity of a pair of black trousers will make finding the perfect top to wear so much easier. You'll be able to slow down just a little to enjoy a delicious home cooked breakfast.

#3 Basic White Crewneck Tee

Woman wearing crew neck white tee and sunglasses

Photo by Tyler Nix from Unsplash

Tees aren't only for rock stars! The basic tee is a wardrobe basic that can be used to create a fashionable wardrobe capsule for any occasion! It styles well with jeans and pointed toe pumps

#4 Layered Necklace

Woman wearing a layered chunky pearl necklace

Photo by Mihai Stephan from Pexels

Pearls are forever in style and every woman's favored. But for 2019 there's a fresh and cool twist added to this elegant jewelry.

#5 Button Down Shirt

Woman wearing a white button-down shirt

Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

The button-down shirt is a classic that can give a jeans outfit a more polished appeal.

#6 Track Pants (Not For The Gym)

Woman sitting down in a chair wearing a track pants suit

Photo by Godisable from Pexels

Your traditional track pants are surprisingly not being worn for track in this case. But instead, it's being dressed up and worn with heels. You can wear them with a blazer, or with a leather jacket and a T-shirt. Perfect to wear to run errands in or for a casual Friday workday.

Photo collage of track pants outfit

#7 Black Mules

Photo collage of woman walking across the street

Replace your everyday black pumps with a pair of these killer black mules and walk into your office looking savvy with high confidence.

#8 Evening Dress

Woman wearing a sheer long black dress

Photo by Azamat Zhanisov from Pexels

Give your little black dress a break. You should have an evening dress, that you can grab for those last minute semi-formal events, whether it be a speaking engagement or a cocktail dinner. Shop for a dress that has simplistic features and fits your body shape perfectly.

#8 Modern Basket Bag

Woman in stripe dress walking with a basket bag in her hand

Photo by Godisable from Pexels

The basket bag returns again with a modern tweek. It's seen on the runway in a variety of colors shapes and sizes.

A close up photo of a red basket bag

#9 Stylish Fanny Pack

Woman wearing a fur coat and fanny pack

Look fashion forward while doing your grocery shopping. Instead of walking with your wallet in your hand or carrying your large tote, you can downsize to a stylish fanny pack filled with your most needed essentials.

#10 Light Wash Straight Jeans

Woman wearing a sweater and light wash jeans looking into the sea

Give your typical skinny jeans a break and look ultral cool and sporty in a pair of light wash straight cut jeans.

Photo collage of woman wearing a pair of light blue jeans

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