5 Simple Ways To Style Your LBD For The Cooler Months

Often times it's so easy to feel limited on what you wear and how you wear it during the cooler seasons. Maybe you have a favorite dress that you like to wear such as the little black dress. You're probably pondering to yourself on how you can wear your favorite LBD for the cooler months, without risking a freezer burn! In today's blog, I will be sharing with you five ways you can style your little black dress for the cooler months, that way you're looking fashionable and feeling cozy and warm!

#1 Wear a Statement Coat

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Wearing a statement coat will add more lux to your LBD. Give the classic trench a break and wear a coat that has eye-catching embellishments such as

  • huge buttons

  • large pockets

  • A hoodie

  • High low flares at the bottom of the coat

  • Fur on the collar or at the end of the coat sleeve

Or elegant coats that have a unique structural detailing such as a long sleeve black coat that has a large flap collar and buttons up to the side. Also artistic prints will give your LBD a majestic vibe.

#2 Chunky long thick maxi cardigan

Look created by Anastacia on Fashmates

Wearing a chunky long thick maxi cardigan is a great way to give your little black dress more edge and additional coverage! Similar styles such as a geometric pattern long sleeve knit cardigan or a color block side slit long sleeve cardigan will add an ultracool look to your little black ensemble and give your dress more dimension.

#3 Adding A Scarf

Collage with black dress, leopard print scarf, black blazer, and a                     pair of black pumps

Look created by Anastacia on Fashmates

Scarves are a must have and it's a plus when you have a collection of scarves in different styles, colors, patterns, and prints.

#4 Layer, Layer, Layer!

Look created by Anastacia on Fashmates

Don't limit yourself to just wearing a coat or a jacket over your dress. Add more personality to your LBD by layering a dressy bowknot embellished blouse or a funky neck cutout front long sleeve sweater underneath your little black dress. Or take your LBD up a notch by complementing your stylish dress outfit with a floppy wide brim fedora hat, or a faux fur headband and knee-high boots for longer dresses. If you have shorter legs best choice of an option are ankle booties or chunky platform boots. Tip: Wear form-fitting tops or lightweight knit sweaters to avoid bulkiness or discomfort when wearing your dress!

#5 Add a Pop of Color

Look created by Anastacia on Fashmates

Lastly, radiate your LBD by adding a pop of color. Wear a color that you look your absolute best in and you've received compliments everytime you've worn that particular color. Add a pop of color in your shoes, handbag or in a tailored velvet jacket, preferably maroon burgundy or mustard yellow. Tip: Velvet blazers are trending for the season!

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