5 Fashionable Must Haves For Winter

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The temperatures are dropping tremendously and the nights are getting chillier, so that calls for more layering and more bundling up! In today's blog I would like to share with you the top 5 must haves for winter. Build up your wardrobe with all the neccessary winter essentials and spoof up your cozy warm outfit with printed scarves and statement accessories so that you're looking chic and stylish as well.

Winter Must Have #1 Cashmere Sweater

The delight of having a timeless cashmere sweater! You can wear this must have staple season after season and style it in so many fashionable ways. Hint: consider layering your cashmere sweater over a classic button down blouse for a more tailored stylish vibe!

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Long Sleeve Navy Blue Two Piece Blouse

Lace panel long sleeve blouse

Neckline patchwork sweater

Winter Must Have #2 Turtelneck Blouse or Sweater

Implement a turtleneck blouse or sweater into your outfit or winter collection for a more

classy and sophisticated appeal!

Look created by Anastacia on Fashmates

Wine red turtleneck long-sleeve sweatshirt

Pocket side slit turtleneck sweatshirt

Dark Camel Button Front Long Sleeve Coat

Square Gold Metal White Rhinestone Ear Stud

Winter Must Have #3 Cowl-neck Top or Sweater

Although the turtleneck is great to have it may not be the "go to" choice for everyone which is perfectly fine because there's an alternative. Now if you're someone who is not too fond about having your neck completely covered then a cowl neck sweater will be another phenominal option. With that said just like the turtleneck you'll still look classy and sophisticated!


Pocket Cowl Neck Dark Grey Tunic Sweatshirt

Winter Must Have #4 Faux Fur Vest or Coat

There's nothing like having a faux fur vest or coat to turn to whenever your outfit is "under the weather"! Take your plain jane outfit to the next level by complementing it with a faux fur vest and ankle booties!

​Look created by Anastacia on Fashmates

Winter Must Have #5 Puffer Jacket

The puffer jacket will never go out of style with it's versatile structure you can

wear it in so many different ways!

​Look created by Anastacia on Fashmates

Olive Green Zipper Front Jacket

Do you desire to do more with your style? Well as a passionate wardrobe stylist I take joy in helping women achieve their goals of looking fabulous each day, schedule your complimentary consultation with me and let's make it happen!

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