How to modishly wear a fitted pencil skirt

Some of these modern eye catching styles and trends that are seen on the runway can be a little too revealing sometimes. These styles may seem somewhat challenging to wear modestly because of the cut or detailing of it . But trust me there are ways to take a certain type of style and add a modest twist to it without exposing all of your body. Firstly trends come and go, so take into consideration that you do not have to follow every trend that comes. Secondly if you're drawn to a specific type of trend, whether it's the cold shoulder, or certain skirt trends you want to find ways to wear it modestly. So you can most definitely look stylish and trendy while still dressing modest! One of my favorite trends to wear for the fall season is the fitted pencil skirt, which comes back around season after season in different styles, colors, and designs. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when you're wearing or styling this particular skirt.

Fitted Pencil Skirts: Fitted pencil skirts are nice to wear for work, business related activities, interviews, etc. But something you're to pay close attention to when you're wearing a fitted pencil skirt is (1.)The length, and (2.) The structure and the fit of the skirt. The length of your fitted skirt should be at least one inch below or above your knees. The fitted pencil skirt is a great choice to consider next time you're shopping. The structure and the fit of your skirt can really make or break your modest outfit. For example skirts with high slits on the side or at the back should be avoided to reduce additional exposing of legs or thighs; a short slit is a exception. Also the fit of your pencil skirt is important, it shouldn't be too tight nor should it be too loose.

Go for a fitted skirt that properly fits you in the right areas according to your size and body type. Some skirts fit true to size and some you may have to go a size up due to the type of fabric it's made out of such as the faux leather skirt. Also you want examine your skirt to see if it's transparent. You can easily determine this by holding up to the light in your home check it outside. If you can see your legs and other parts of your lower body, then that means the fabric of your skirt is thin. But no need to worry, you do not have to throw away the skirt but I will definitely recommend you to wear a slip underneath.

Stylish Modest Tops To Wear With Fitted Skirts: Tops such as the classic or asymmetric peplum top are perfect to wear with fitted pencil skirts. A tailored button up top can be worn tucked into your fitted skirt, layered with a sleeveless cardigan, or sweater vest to give your modest look more versatility. For a modest sporty and chic look a blazer with a basic tee worn on the inside can be paired up with this trendy ensemble. The ruffle sleeve top is another top that looks great with fitted skirts and can be styled in so many ways. There is no limit to how you can modeshly style your fitted pencil skirts.

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