How to Maximize Your Closet Space

As a wardrobe stylist I'm always trying to come up with different ways to help women look fabulous without breaking their pocket. Are you constantly having days where you walk into your closet and wonder to yourself what in the world are you going to wear? But yet you have a closet full of clothes. Are you trying on, throwing clothes everywhere, changing out of clothes, and then finally five hours later you came to a final decision on what to wear? Some how you stilled didn't feel satisfied with the choice. "All of that for nothing" you say to yourself. You wouldn't believe how many times I've experienced that myself. I had so many clothes but there were days when I felt like I had none. Until one day I decided that enough is enough. I needed to come up with a permanent solution to this problem and ASAP. One morning I decided I was going to take a break from my normal routine and spend sometime in my closet. I stood in my closet and began to look around carefully at what I had. Everything from jackets, blazers, tops, bottoms, accessories, handbags and shoes were carefully analyzed.

Lizze Mcguire looking in her closet

I was determine to transform my closet into the closet of my dreams. I said to myself no more spending tons of hours getting dressed, no more wasting money, no more rushing, no more being late, and no more feeling overwhelmed when I walk into my closet. It comes to an end now! I emptied out my closet completely and placed it all on my bed. I looked through all of my items throughouly. I gave away clothes that I haven't worn for centuries to the thrift shop. After that I gathered all my tops, skirts, dresses, etc. into separate sections. In doing so I was able to decide how I would organize my closet to my liking.

Clothes on a rack

All the clothes that were piled in sections were categorized in my closet from color, style, to season. Now I'm actually wearing the clothes that I've purchased, and I'm getting dressed more quicker! I'm glad that I was able to solve this problem for myself and I want to help you do the same. I share my experience with you because I want you to know that you're not alone and I'm here to assist you. You probably enjoy shopping and somtimes those very sames clothes that you're purchasing are not being worn or are forgotten about.

You would actually be saving a ton of money if you're actually utilizing the clothes or other purchased items you already own in your closet. 90% of the time women are not wearing half things that they have stored up in their closet. Can you imagine how much of a delight it would be to walk into a closet full of stylish, trendy, outfits that you're actually going to wear created for you? I know it sounds too good too be true but with my help it can be done trust me it's possible.

I honestly believe that looking exceptional should be effortless instead of time consuming and frustrating. The luxury of looking great without the heartace is the result of having a refined up to date closet. If anyone asks you "Hey how do you manage to look amazing everyday?" Your response should be my closet has exactly what I'm looking for!

Woman smiling while rest her arms with a rack full of clothes on hangers

The question that I want to ask you is how do you feel when you walk into your closet do you feel inspired, bored, confused, or overwhelmed? Are you wasting time trying to figure out what you're going to wear? Do you find yourself repeating the same outfit a majority of the time? If you're not feeling inspired but you're feeling the complete opposite whenever you enter into your closet then that only means that you're in need of a closet makeover or what I would like to call a "closet purge".

I don't ever want you to feel stressed or discouraged in regards to looking your best. I found the solution to what makes my fashion life so much more stress free and less time consuming. I know for a fact that if it worked for me then it will definitely work for you!

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