What Does Your Style Express

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

In today's world there is a high expectation of how women should look. You see it all over television, the magazines, the runway, etc. and that's okay. But there are certain styles that should be avoided such as extra revealed cleavage, or clothing that expose certain areas of our body, etc. "The more revealing the more appealing" they would say and I disagree. A woman can be appealing without showing off too much sensitive areas of her body. What you wear and how your carry yourself displays to people what you stand for and tells people a lot about you without you opening your mouth. Always keep in mind when you're getting dressed, "Does my outfit or my style express great things about me"?

Styles of the past: Fashion inspirations like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich were women who dressed with class and sophistication while still remaining feminine. Not only that, they represented their role perfectly with what they chose to wear. As a mother you want to know that you're setting a good example for your children. If you have son's you want your sons to learn about a woman's heart and not her body parts, if you have daughters you want to show your daughters that they can still be beautiful without showing off too much of what they have been blessed with. As a wife you want your husband to feel confident that his wife is a woman of integrity. Believe it or not men have more respect for women who carry themselves with dignity and respect. Some women have beautiful hearts and are seeking to get married to the right guy, but the right guy can never come their way, because they're attracting the wrong guys with their way of dressing. While this may not be an intentional thing for some women in some cases, it's not something to take lightly either.

I remember I had a friend, she was really sweet, she had a good heart and a amazing personality but one thing was missing. That #1 thing that was missing to complete the package was that she didn't really know herself worth and she didn't really know how beautiful she was. Her image portrayed something completely different from who she truly was.

The question that I ask is what does your style say about you and what would you like it to say about you if it's saying something differently? Whether you're a business owner, a lawyer, a mother, or a newly wed as a woman you should be setting an example for other women around you, your children, your community, your co-workers, etc. We are living in a broken world and it's time for the women of today to not only do a great work, but to also look their best doing it. You never know who is watching you from a far or who you may be inspiring.

My goal as a wardrobe stylist is to help you look and feel your best. I can help you discover the best style that will suit you for every occasion and transition of your life. Whatever your wardrobe need maybe I'm here to provide the wardrobe solution for you. Let the best "YOU" be seen! Experience your unique style transformation with Anastacia's Styling!

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