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Business Wear Outfit Ideas


Brighten up your professional look with a flame orange top. Style the top with khaki pants and nude pumps for an sophisticated appeal. 


Make a statement with animal print accessories and a stylish boss-lady watch. When people see you they’re going to see success all over you!

- Look Created By Anastacia's Styling

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Style your plaid blazer with a pair of tailored dress pants and a lightweight turtleneck top. Refresh your classic look by wearing vibrant pointed pumps. Complete the look with stylish statement studs and a matching clutch that complements your pumps perfectly!

- Look Created By Anastacia's Styling

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A great way to rock the classic plaid print is by wearing it in a dress.

For a hint of fun mix in colorful floral prints (Trust me you’re not going to have a challenging time finding that!) Literally THEY ARE EVERY WHERE! How could you possibly miss it. 


For shoes opt for multi-colored Pumps. Enliven your ensemble with sparkling floral studs earrings(GET OUT OF THE BOX) and shop for jewelry/accessories that are unique in style and shape. Finalize the ensemble with a Chanel handbag or a pop-colored handbag of your choice and a classy watch!

- Look Created By Anastacia's Styling

looks-1584299471208 (1).png

Firstly Statement sleeves are really making a BIG STATEMENT now of these days. The bigger the better! But for this look we’ re not going to get TOO dramatic with the sleeves. We want to keep it professional and chic for the office. If you can opt for a statement sleeve top that has a fun print ( polka dots, floral, snake print, animal print, etc. that would be fabulous.


Next complement your stylish top with a pair of vibrant-colored dress pants. Finalize the look with savvy strap up squared-toe sandals and a designer logo over-sized handbag to fit your laptop, makeup and an extra pair of shoes and more. Simple jewelry and hot-babe sunglasses will officially complete the look.

- Look Created By Anastacia's Styling


Grab hold of a pair of floral printed cropped pants. Next choose a color that captivates your attention the most in your printed pants and wear it in your top.


For example these printed pants have a mixture of lovely shades that be can be worked with. A pastel pink top paired up with these pants will give the overall look a refreshing and balanced touch.

If you’re daring complement the outfit with pop-colored pointed-toe pumps. (Work with the colors that are on your pants) A neutral bag whether it’s white, tan or nude will cut the cake. Lastly finalize the ensemble with fancy earrings and your favorite pair of designer sunglasses.


- Look Created By Anastacia's Styling


Look lovely in a silk chiffon printed dress with a belted waist. Complement your outfit with statement earrings, a matching bracelet and a stylish watch. Complete the look with a floral print satchel and white leather high-heel mules. 

- Look Created By Anastacia's Styling

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